Helping you Create Your Own Urban Oasis

A Passion | A Purpose | A Journey

My Herbal Studies : A Never Ending Story

Join me on my herbal path as I certify a life long journey as a hereditary healer. Learning from my grandmother how to connect with the spirit of my plant allies, and training with the Herbal Academy on the actions and properties they offer, is a soul purpose fulfilled.

DIY : No better way to experience the magic!

Share in the fun with creations of your own! DIY’s will help you create basic tinctures, syrups, electuary and more to reconnect within yourself. Nourish your body with balms, baths, teas and more as you discover the beautiful energy and healing that plant allies offer.

MATERIA MEDICA: Building a Relationship

Honour the process by creating a Materia Medica for each plant spirit you wish to build a relationship with. Materia Medica shows your commitment to the journey, for it is an ongoing love affair that continues to build as new research and findings are presented.

Your Urban Oasis Apothecary

Once upon a time, a little girl had a dream to be a healer like her Grand Mama. It took 48 years, a lot of dedication, and passion, but in the summer of 2018, she saw that dream begin it’s journey into reality. The journey has only just begun.

Urban Oasis Apothecary is working to build Plant Spirit Tribes to heal your body, and help you reconnect with your spirit. From herbal remedies, to body and bath care. It’s the rituals of life, that help YOU reconnecting with YOU. It’s time. don’t you think, for a little #metime as I help you create your very own #myurbanoasis !

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Formulation of products for the store is a combination of Spiritually Connecting with the different Plant Spirit Allies to work as a Tribe, and the Alchemy of Science as we create mathematical formulas to manifest my creations. The process takes time, dedication… and product testing! Wanna be the first to test a new product?! Throughout the year, I will be seeking individuals for case studies as I gear up for the store’s full relaunch! If you are interested, please reach out on IG @my.urban.oasis to see if you qualify!

I’d love a chance to learn more about your holistic approach to herbalism! Feel free to reach out using the contact form below.

If you have any particular interests you would like me to cover, please let me know.