Welcome to My Urban Oasis!

What happens when a solitary spirit, with an independent soul, meant for mountains and lakes resides in the city? … She creates her own Oasis!

My life has always been simple: good books, yummy eats, tea talks, spiritual and healing pursuits, and in 2019 I will be dipping my toes into Urban Homesteading!

I am kissing 50, multi-ethnic and have always lived a single-sassy-solitary life.  All of these present their own challenges in general, but add a new layer of… we’ll say potential growth!…  when you then choose to move back home to spend quality time with an equally single-sassy-solitary aging mama in her…well, I’m not aloud to say her age 😉

I don’t follow any particular diet, but am influenced by a few! Such as Paleo, Gluten-free and Dairy Free.  I am not vegan, but the well being and care of the animals I consume is extremely important in my grocery making decisions.  As a Shakti Shaman, I do bless and give thanks for the spirit of the animal.  Never take life for granted.

That said:  I do follow an Animist/Pagan/Shamanic spiritual practice and will be sharing details of rituals with you here and at times back on http://www.firesidewitch.com.

In essence this is me sharing my life/style with any who may resonate with it as I work behind the scenes, over the next few years, to rebrand my little online store, currently on vacation.  Beta-tested in 2018 as: Lotus Moon Creations, she will be reborn (hopefully and legally) as:  Urban Oasis Apothecary!

Last but not least:  I have zero tolerance for the drama 😀  I don’t engage, I just delete 🙂  I welcome all in good faith,  so let’s play nice!

Welcome!! To My Urban Oasis!

Kayla Alyssa

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