My Herbal Studies

Building on a Solid Foundation

One thing I realized when I began my formal studies is, “you don’t know, what you don’t know”.

Kayla Alyssa

Founder of Urban Oasis Apothecary

I began my herbal studies as part of an island spiritual practice from my island grandmother growing up. I then took on the mantel and lineage with self-study through my 20’s to 40’s. Including both personal and professional studies in Ayurveda with the CAISH center in Toronto.

Because of all of this, I honesty felt I could skip the intro course offered with several online certification programs. However, as I wanted my education to be complete, I proceed with enrolment in the Introduction to Herbalism program with Herbal Academy. It was the best decision I ended up making.

Herbal Academy is truly a professional grade learning institution and what I love most about them, they aren’t just introducing you to the herbs and what they can, and cannot do, for the body. They are introducing you to your the body itself. How it works and why it needs what it does. Herbalism is a medical profession. Anyone who sees it as a true calling will understand this, and approach it as such.

Herbal Academy also offers free workshops (so it’s definitely worth following them on IG!) As a student, I still take advantage of these great offers and it was because of one workshop that I made the decision to put my store on ‘vacation’ until I completed a few more levels of training. What many “small batch”, small business owners may not realize is the legal aspect of the business. What you can, and cannot say with respect to your products. From the name you give your healing tincture or salve, to what you need to include on the label, to what both you, and your clients, can and cannot say about the use of the product and it’s effectiveness.

Having worked for law firms in my day job as a bookkeeper and office manager, I took these warmings to heart. So the shop may pop up with one off offers, and I will definitely be putting feelers out for case studies as I continue to develop products behind the scene, but the store itself will remain on vacation for a little while longer.

I do not walk this road as a hobby, I walk it as a calling. And I heed that call to heart, and soul. Thank you for joining me on this ongoing adventure as I share with you ways to work with plant spirit allies to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit.


Kayla Alyssa

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